We will make your data stand out

We have the know-how to create data visualizations and web applications that effectively make use of the vast amounts of data that goes through organizations - data which would otherwise be discarded.

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We Are In Control

With the abundance of data flowing into organizations these days, the challenge isn't usually about how to acquire more data, but how to translate it into something valuable. We are passionate about making data accessible, informative, and understood by everyone. We build frontend solutions that go beyond expectations.

Cutting Edge

We have been mastering data visualization for years - we know how to make the most effective and attractive data visualizations.


We advocate adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement.

Up to Date

We use the most contemporary tools, to make your visualizations stand out from the crowd.

Made with Passion

With our background in social research, we aim our solutions to be effective for startups, NGO's and think tanks. We can work with any data for any purpose, to achieve any goal.


You give us your source and goals, the rest is on us. We make a final product which suits your goals perfectly.


Our wide area of expertise means we are able to work on tasks ranging from web development to BI applications.

We Create

Captivating Applications

Powered by flexible and capable frameworks like D3.js - our tailored applications uniquely inform and captivate user attention, giving you the ability to bridge the gap between you and your users.

Live data visualization

With experience in FinTech, we build complex applications with crisp frontend, and powerful backend. We can handle any scale from live charts to full-fledged software suite production

Creative tailored solutions

Through a creative approach we are able to bring the best out of your data for greatest impact, no matter what it is

Full Stack

We will handle a project of any size from start to finish - from server architecture to user experience. We make our websites responsive, design exceptional, and our backend fast

Business Intelligence

We make custom data crunching and processing applications capable of handling live datasources with millions of data points, so you can be informed to make the right decisions

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